FWB Group is a licensed Microbusiness in Los Angeles, California. Operating since 2007, FWB completed the process of licensing and compliance for legalized cannabis in California. In 2017, our partners acquired the business in North Hollywood and quickly revamped and upgraded the store to a world-class retail location that offers a comfortable and seamless experience to our clients.

In early 2018, we started our distribution business and proudly represent such brands as Ignite, Hello Place, Jayden’s Juice and OkiToki. We also developed our own brand, KNBIS, and have delivered more than half a million jars of flower and a quarter of a million pre-rolls to our partner shops. FWB distributes to over 150 dispensaries in California and our professional sales and marketing team is growing our network weekly.

Capture California…. Capture the World!

Fountain of Wellbeing

7231 Hinds Avenue, North Hollywood

(818) 982-7420




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