MoonLion CannaScience is your #1 source for the purest, cleanest and safest Cannabinoids in the market. We here at MoonLion CannaScience are dedicated to connecting our customers to the best in cannabis plant by-products. Our primary focus is our outstanding tinctures. Made with passion, love and the highest understanding of plant cultivation, from natural, holistic gardening to finished products, MoonLion CannaScience tinctures are the culmination of years of experimentation and experience leading to the best the cannabinoid industry has to offer.

Founded in 2014 by Leandro Pasztor in Costa Mesa, California. MoonLion CannaScience has grown into one of the foremost alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical medication created in a lab. Specializing in CBN, CBD, and THC tinctures. MoonLion CannaScience has perfected the process of extracting just the essential elements needed for good health and alleviation from every-day pains and ailments. With varying ratios to compliment your health and your lifestyle, tinctures from MoonLion CannaScience can soothe or alleviate everything from common aches and pains to insomnia and epileptic outbreaks. CBN tinctures, which are produced by only three companies in California, MoonLion CannaScience being the foremost, take three years to make but so far have produced remarkable effects as an analgesic as well as a reliever of insomnia and physical spasms.


When highly synthesized and non-organic Western medicine cannot work for you, MoonLion CannaScience has an answer. We will continue exploring and experimenting to bring you, our clients, the greatest benefits from the oldest, yet most unexplored, natural medicines on the planet. We look forward to a long future of bringing our fine products to the general public for greater health and well-being.



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